AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-25Removed grep and sed dep, update .SRCINFO.Ryan Greenup
2020-07-25Removed Block CommentsRyan Greenup
2020-07-25Removed dependency already in baseRyan Greenup
2020-07-25Removed typo dot fileRyan Greenup
2020-07-25Switched to tarball and provided sha256sumRyan Greenup
2020-07-24Now points to a specific release, Not masterRyan Greenup
2020-07-24Rebuilt .SRCINFORyan Greenup
2020-07-24Use opt not homeRyan Greenup
2020-07-24Add -git SuffixRyan Greenup
2020-07-24Disguised Email Address to Protect from SpamRyan Greenup
2020-07-24Added makedepends as suggested by @caltlginRyan Greenup
2020-07-24Removed many comments as suggested by @caltlginRyan Greenup
2020-07-24Updated SRCINFORyan Greenup
2020-07-24Fixed DescriptionRyan Greenup
2020-07-24Changed name to cadmus-notesRyan Greenup
2020-07-24Initial Commit for cadmusRyan Greenup