AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-11Updated to Kudelin
2021-01-06Updated to Kudelin
2020-11-18Updated to 2.3.5Anton Kudelin
2020-11-02Updated to 2.3.2a.kudelin
2020-09-24Updated dependencyAnton Kudelin
2020-06-27Updated to 2.3.0, added dependenciesAnton Kudelin
2019-12-17Updated to new versiona.kudelin
2019-08-24Updated to 2.2.7a.kudelin
2018-03-30Update versionTarn Burton
2017-11-20Update versionTarn Burton
2017-11-01Update versionTarn Burton
2017-08-06Update versionTarn Burton
2017-08-06Version update 2.1.4-2 -> 2.1.5-1Tarn Burton
2017-08-06Update dependenciesTarn Burton
2017-04-16Bump versionTarn Burton
2017-04-15Version update 2.1.2-2 -> 2.1.4-1Tarn Burton
2017-04-04Add git to makedependsTarn Burton
2017-01-29Bump rel numberTarn Burton
2017-01-29Fix LD_LIBRARY_PATH errorTarn Burton
2017-01-09Version fixTarn Burton
2017-01-09Version update 2.1.2-1 -> 20161129-1Tarn Burton
2017-01-07Version fixTarn Burton
2017-01-07Version update 2.1.2-1 -> 20161129-1Tarn Burton
2017-01-04Initial commitTarn Burton