AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-12-14Update sha512sums, bump pkgrelRafael Fontenelle
2017-12-01README: Fix URL and rearrange textRafael Fontenelle
2017-11-30Update to 20171117Rafael Fontenelle
Changes in this commit: - Use a better url to the upstream - Remove openssl from depends
2017-11-13Update to 20171113Rafael Fontenelle
2017-10-24Update to 20171023Rafael Fontenelle
2017-07-17Update to 20170628Rafael Fontenelle
2017-07-17Update style and contentRafael Fontenelle
Changes in this commit: 1- Update the URL 2- Add quotes to $pkgdir 3- Remove the DER-to-PEM convertion, as it is no longer needed. 4- Another minor changes in style
2017-01-19version updateTiago Brait
2017-01-11version bump, change certs pathTiago Brait
2016-12-04update versionTiago Brait
new bundle releases, updating version
2016-11-22update versionTiago Brait
new bundle, new version
2016-09-28update versionTiago Brait
new bundle released, updating version
2016-07-18update versionTiago Brait
new certs, updating version
2016-06-07new certsTiago Brait
2016-03-30bump pkgrelTiago Brait
bumping pkgrel due to change in source filename nice tip from josephgbr
2016-03-30update versionTiago Brait
version updated, new certificates released
2016-02-16Fix typoTiago Brait
Fixed optdepends typo.
2016-02-16Update SRCINFOTiago Brait
2016-02-16Update versionTiago Brait
Version updated. Apparently I forgot to push my changes the other time I updated this. Really stupid mistake.
2016-01-10Update versionTiago Brait
Updated version and re-wrote the PKGBUILD
2015-08-11Initial commitTiago Brait
Initial on aur4 anyaway. Didn't have time to update this in a while :/