AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-22Update to 0.13.0-1Miguel Revilla
2020-02-11Totally new PKGBUILD with a more proper installMiguel Revilla
2019-12-13update to v0.12.0Adrià Arrufat
2019-06-12update to v0.11.0Adrià Arrufat
2019-04-03update to v0.10.0Adrià Arrufat
2018-02-07Bump version.Filipe Verri
2017-08-26Fixed dependencies array.Filipe Verri
2017-08-25New release.Filipe Verri
2017-08-21Recompile b-boot only if needed.Filipe Verri
2017-08-21Improved bootstrapping process.Filipe Verri
2017-08-19Initial commit.Filipe Verri