AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-12-26Add missing Git build dependencyAdrian Perez de Castro
2017-01-11Add missing docbook-xsl build dependencyAdrian Perez de Castro
2016-12-08Always make the binary setuid rootAdrian Perez de Castro
The capabilities mode has been removed upstream, see:
2016-10-10Always use .install scriptAdrian Perez de Castro
2016-10-09Set bwrap as setuid if needed in install scriptAdrian Perez de Castro
2016-10-09Fix choice of --with-priv-mode= build settingAdrian Perez de Castro
As indicated by @yawning: * USER_NS should use `--with-priv-mode=none`. * Non-USER_NS should use `--with-priv-mode=caps`.
2016-09-22Detect whether capabilities can be used, falling back to setuid modeAdrian Perez de Castro
If CONFIG_USER_NS is not enabled in the (running) kernel, install the binary setuid root. Otherwise use capabilities.
2016-05-08Initial importAdrian Perez de Castro