AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-16update download URL after Broadcom changed locationReficul
2016-03-13fix compatibility with broadcom-wlxuzhenglun
2016-02-25update srcinfoxuzhenglun
2016-02-25remove obsolete patch files and fix broken link to BroadcomRaimar Bühmann
2016-02-10Fix for Archlinux-ltsReficul
2015-10-17update .SRCINFORaimar Bühmann
2015-10-17update to version -217Raimar Bühmann
2015-08-10Clean up PKGBUILD, use proper arch-specific variablesJohannes Löthberg
2015-05-23Sync from AUR3.Armin K
2014-12-30Initial commit for broadcom-wl.Armin K