AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-14Update to 7.32.2.Jonathan Engbert
2020-09-29Update to 7.32.0.Jonathan Engbert
2020-09-13Update to 7.30.10.Jonathan Engbert
2020-05-09Update to 7.30.8.Jonathan Engbert
2020-04-06Update to 7.30.6.Jonathan Engbert
2019-12-14Update to 7.30.4.Jonathan Engbert
2019-12-08The HTTPS protocol appears to be unreliable. The SVN protocol seems better, a...ejno
2019-10-26Formatting; Build with CMake --build.ejno
2019-10-14Add another newline to the message.ejno
2019-10-06Update to version 7.30.2.jon
2019-08-17add include for CheckSymbolExists in CMakeLists.txt, reported by nTia89jon
2019-01-26update .SRCINFOjon
2019-01-26update to 7.28.0jon
2017-10-22update .SRCINFOjon
2017-10-22update to 7.26.4jon
2017-06-13update to 7.26.2jon
2016-12-15apply the patch enabling installation of gcvjon
2016-09-11update URL with httpsjon
2016-08-13update to 7.26.0jon
2016-06-01fixes for gcc 6.xjon
2016-01-16explicitly disable rtserver and QTjon
2015-12-13update dependenciesjon
2015-12-12fix versionjon
2015-12-12update build system patch; add libxft as dependencyjon
2015-06-13initial import to aur4jon