AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-06-12changed my aur account nameLenni vH
2020-08-24push to 0.3.1-7Lenni vH
2019-09-23Fixing URL in PKGBUILDFrederic Bezies
2019-08-300.3.1 updateFrederic Bezies
2017-10-22bump update on bpkg, iqoption, phpbrew-gitMarcos Ferreira
bump phpbrew to 1.23.0 bump reveal-md to 0.4.3
2017-10-15bump version 2.9Marcos Ferreira
2017-07-29updateMarcos Ferreira
2017-07-07bump versionMarcos Ferreira
2017-04-25bump versionMarcos Ferreira
2017-02-23bump version Ferreira
2016-10-15first pkgbuild for bpkg.ioMarcos Ferreira