AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-16New Major Version 3Jan Kroulík
2019-03-09Fixed the boomaga-git.install scriptJan Kroulík
2019-03-09Package version changed from number of revisions since beginning of the histo...Jan Kroulík
2019-03-09Updated .SRCINFOJan Kroulík
2019-03-09Updated package dependenciesJan Kroulík
2019-03-09Updated boomaga-git.install scriptJan Kroulík
2019-03-09Removed the unused cmake variable USE_QT5Jan Kroulík
2019-03-09Updated .SRCINFOJan Kroulík
2019-03-09Changed branch repository from develop to masterJan Kroulík
2016-03-16Removed unnecessary patch 20160314-backend.patchJan Kroulík
2016-03-14Updated .SRCINFOJan Kroulík
2016-03-14The post-installation script checks whether the printer has already exists be...Jan Kroulík
2016-03-14Initial importJan Kroulík