AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-08Support more arch by running autoreconf firstÉtienne Deparis
2021-02-15Support XFCE and fix some non optimal symlinksÉtienne Deparis
2020-02-27Add support for new mate app preferences-system-timeÉtienne Deparis
2020-02-03Fix a missing dependencyÉtienne Deparis
2019-10-31Add back the possibility to have both this pkg and xcursor-bluecurveÉtienne Deparis
2019-10-26Update some more iconsÉtienne Deparis
2019-10-26Now use the source package instead of rpmÉtienne Deparis
2018-10-02up to fc28Étienne Deparis
2017-10-22Woops, no need for imagemagick in this buildÉtienne Deparis
2017-10-22New fedora releaseÉtienne Deparis
2016-12-15Tiny fixesÉtienne Deparis
2016-12-15Big refactoring to be more acurate with mate-desktopÉtienne Deparis
2016-07-23New pkgbuild versionÉtienne Deparis
2015-09-30Cleaner PKGBUILD. Change folder name and theme name to avoid conflict with xc...Étienne Deparis
2015-09-30Push back bluecurve-icon-theme to aurÉtienne Deparis