AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-10-05fix embree.patchbartus
2020-08-19add qt4bartus
2020-08-19Travis: fix deprecated cuda capabilitiesbartus
2020-08-18Pop version.bartus
2020-08-18Fix Travisbartus
2020-08-18Fix experimental features.bartus
2020-08-18Fix optix version.bartus
2020-08-09Update embree.patchbartus
2020-07-30Pop version.bartus
2020-07-30Add usd dependency.bartus
2020-07-30Fix missing embree requirement.bartus
2020-07-30Switch from gnu-make to ninja build.bartus
* Drop old install file. * Drop old desktop shortcut. * Switch to openjpeg2 * Add FRAGMENT env var for bisect build. * Add CUDA_ARCH env var for specifying nvcc arch. * Fix pkgver() * Fix submodule (init with remote version) * Move optdep tests inside build() * Use array for cmake flags. * Drop redundant cmake flags. * Update url.
2019-12-04changed oidn dependency to openimagedenoisekureta
2019-10-09removed cuda due to out of memory errorkureta
2019-10-09I guess it had nothing to do with cache.kureta
2019-10-09Didn't learn anything. Messing with cache once again.kureta
2019-10-09Revert "fixed travis"kureta
removing all cache stuff breaks travis. I have no idea how travis works. This reverts commit 64d5e1b6b2fdcb92c1e1b4503c8b0091bd9a05a4.
2019-10-09fixed traviskureta
2019-10-09fixed travis timeoutkureta
2019-10-08added initial travis configkureta
2019-10-05add makedepends=llvmkureta
2019-10-04updated dependencieskureta
2019-10-04added .gitignorekureta
2019-10-04fixed versioningkureta
2019-10-02Added support for Intel Open Image Denoise and Nvidia OptiXkureta
Also removed build flags for depracated features.
2019-01-2884454.690478027bdFredrick Brennan
2018-08-16Change description to match desc. in reposFredrick Brennan
2018-08-15Python is now 3.7.xFredrick Brennan
2017-03-25update python versionLukáš Jirkovský
2016-08-22fix name in desktop fileLukáš Jirkovský
2016-07-28fix buildLukáš Jirkovský
2015-10-11fix for new pythonLukáš Jirkovský
2015-10-11fix for new pythonLukáš Jirkovský
2015-05-31initial importLukáš Jirkovský