AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2 daysFix build against openexr:3bartus
2021-01-06Fix globbingbartus
2021-01-06Fix typo sufix->suffixbartus
2021-01-06Pop release versionbartus
2021-01-06Patches for python:3.9, openvdb8bartus
thanks CYBERDEViL fix #2
2021-01-06Make congruent with aur/blender-2.7bartus
2021-01-06Refactor pkgver()bartus
2020-02-23Update pkgver().bartus
2020-02-23Drop redundant install script.bartus
2020-02-23Drop old desktop shortcut.bartus
2020-02-23Fix accidentally committed local changes.bartus
2020-02-06Fix man page conflict.bartus
2020-02-06Fix ninja multithreading flag.bartus
2020-02-06Switch to sha256 checksum.bartus
2020-02-06Proper way to avoid conflict with other blender versions.bartus
2020-02-06Python 3.8 compatibility.bartus
2019-08-01Swich cmake backend to Ninjabartus
* add DISABLE_NINJA env, allowing user to fall back to make backend
2019-08-01Update cuda build routinesbartus
* port SelectCudaComputeArch.patch from blender-2.8-git * add DISABLE_CUDA, allowing user to drop cuda build
* source array * depends array * prepare() > dop commented out lines * mash shellcheck SC2034
2019-07-31openimageio, openvdb, gcc9 compatibilitybartus
* pop _blenver to 282 as master is now 281 * port blender 2.80 oiio compatibility patch * drop openvdb abi 3 * gcc9 fix openmp calls
2018-12-16fix collada 1.6.68 buildbartus
2018-07-11mail updatebartus
2018-06-20non conflicting patch: change version 2.79>2.81bartus
2018-05-25update checksumbartus
2018-05-25fix incompatible type castingbartus