AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-01-22Python 3.6 rebuild.Juraj Fiala
2016-09-13Added new dependencies.Juraj Fiala
2016-06-30Bump pkgrel.Juraj Fiala
2016-06-30Add openvpn to deps.Juraj Fiala
2016-06-29Bump pkgrel after python2-keyring update.Juraj Fiala
2016-05-30Update SRCINFO too.Juraj Fiala
2016-05-30Update to new version.Juraj Fiala
2016-04-28Fix checksum clash.Juraj Fiala
2016-04-28Use pacman hooks.Juraj Fiala
2016-04-09Fix dependencies.Juraj Fiala
2016-04-09Added manpages.Juraj Fiala
2016-04-09Added desktop file and icons.Juraj Fiala
2016-04-09Add license and additional files.Juraj Fiala
2016-04-09Workaround version acquire fail, seperate build and install process.Juraj Fiala
Also lay foundations for PGP verification and code checks
2016-04-07Update srcinfo.Juraj Fiala
2016-04-07I think we can safely point to this package directly.Juraj Fiala
2016-04-07Initial commit.Juraj Fiala