AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-17update to biscuit ver 1.2.19, rel version 1.6Edmundo Sanchez
2021-03-17update to biscuit ver 1.2.18, rel version 1.5Edmundo Sanchez
2021-03-14add .SRCINFO generation to test scriptEdmundo Sanchez
2021-03-14update to biscuit ver 1.2.17, rel version 1.4Edmundo Sanchez
2021-03-02update to biscuit ver 1.2.15, rel version 1.3Edmundo Sanchez
2020-11-23fix: commit message generation errorEdmundo Sanchez
2020-11-23update to biscuit ver 1.2.13, rel version 1.2Edmundo Sanchez
2020-11-23Add release and test scripts:Edmundo Sanchez
2020-10-02update readmeEdmundo Sanchez
2020-10-02bumped to version 1.2.11Edmundo Sanchez
2020-08-16bump to 1.2.9Edmundo Sanchez
2020-05-31package biscuitEdmundo Sanchez