AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-22use , replaced mkdir/mv for install -Dm, pinned java versionChristian Rebischke
2016-11-13made pkgbuild adjustmentsChristian Rebischke
2016-03-22added license and readmeChristian Rebischke
2016-03-22added license and readmeChristian Rebischke
2016-02-11changed formatChristian Rebischke
2016-02-11changed emailChristian Rebischke
2016-02-11pushed new emailChristian Rebischke
2015-09-15last changes back.. because of some bugs.. will fix this in some hoursShibumi
2015-09-15added and to PKGBUILD ant b...Shibumi
2015-09-13changed java environment versionShibumi
2015-09-12changed java version in binnavi.shShibumi
2015-09-12changed java versionShibumi
2015-09-12fixed ant buildShibumi
2015-08-31deleted binnavi'Shibumi
2015-08-31added contributor and swapped dep linesShibumi
2015-08-31pushed chroot-fixShibumi
2015-08-31changed makedep and dep, fixed pkgdesc, fixed chroot-bug, reduced overheadShibumi
2015-08-20forgot srcinfoShibumi
2015-08-20bugfixes + embraced some dirs with quotes + git version fixShibumi
2015-08-20moved from /opt/binnavi to /usr/share/java + bugfixesShibumi
2015-08-19mulitple bugfixesShibumi
2015-08-19pushed build() and package()Shibumi
2015-08-19initial pushShibumi