AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-15Fixed: URL changed (1.5.0 instead of 1.5)Philipp Claßen
2019-05-17Bump to 1.5Philipp Claßen
2018-12-01- skip tests (they will fail anyway) to remove the build dependencies "gtest"...Philipp Claßen
2018-06-11Upgrade to 1.4.1Philipp Claßen
2018-05-10Added gtest and gmock as build, and gcc-lib as runtime dependencePhilipp Claßen
2018-05-02Upgrade to 1.4.0:Philipp Claßen
2018-01-03Update to 1.3.0Philipp Claßen
2017-08-18Upgrade to 1.2.0Philipp Claßen
2017-05-07Upgrade to 1.1.0Philipp Claßen
2016-01-19Use shared library with LTOBenjamin Chrétien
2016-01-19Initial release (1.0.0)Benjamin Chrétien