AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-12Update to v0.4.0Christian Muehlhaeuser
2019-05-31Export gcflags & asmflags as suggested on ArchWikiChristian Muehlhaeuser
2019-05-31Fixed PKGBUILD and bumped version to 0.3.2Christian Muehlhaeuser
2019-05-19Fix Go ignoring the needed modules for buildingDennis Stengele
2019-05-19Add src and pkg dirs to gitignoreDennis Stengele
2019-05-11Update Beehive to 0.3.1 and mograte build to provided MakefileDennis Stengele
2017-02-25effing srcinfo...Dennis Stengele
2017-02-25Fix ChecksumsDennis Stengele
2017-02-25Add info for reverse proxy setup and fix Working DirDennis Stengele
2017-02-25Fix missing directory creationDennis Stengele
2017-02-25Fix missing assets and config dirsDennis Stengele
2017-02-12Checksums again...Dennis Stengele
2017-02-12Fix config pathDennis Stengele
2017-02-12Update ChecksumsDennis Stengele
2017-02-12Fix User settingDennis Stengele
2017-02-12Initial Commit, version 0.2Dennis Stengele