AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-07-212021.07.19Joan Figueras
2021-04-272021.04.27Joan Figueras
2021-03-172021.03.17Joan Figueras
2021-03-122021.03.11Joan Figueras
2021-02-072021.02.06Joan Figueras
2021-01-062021.01.05Joan Figueras
2020-12-29Added gtk3 as depend. Thanks ccornJoan Figueras
2020-12-26Changed options to follow upstream binaryJoan Figueras
2020-12-25Commented j4Joan Figueras
2020-12-162020.11.25Joan Figueras
2020-10-27Changed source to new nameJoan Figueras
2020-10-222020.10.05Joan Figueras
2020-09-162020.09.11Joan Figueras
2020-08-092020.08.05Joan Figueras
2020-06-23Remove maintainership statusneeshy
2020-06-23Make basilisk and serpent consistentneeshy
2020-06-13basilisk: bump versionneeshy
And revise comment
2020-05-08basilisk: bump versionneeshy
2020-04-19basilisk: bumpneeshy
2020-03-14Style changesneeshy
2020-03-11Bump versionneeshy
2020-03-11Disable dependenciesneeshy
2020-02-29Bump versionneeshy
2020-02-12Fix checksum and releaseneeshy
2020-02-08Bump versionneeshy
2020-01-30Comment most build flagsneeshy
2020-01-29Revert "Add provides and conflicts array"neeshy
This reverts commit 69867940d89748b00c9ecc551dc80d935f0f623a. basilisk-bin should be the one to specify conflicts and provides arrays
2020-01-29Add provides and conflicts arrayneeshy
2020-01-28Add maintainershipneeshy
2020-01-28bump versionneeshy
2019-11-07Revert "basilisk: temporary fix for build failures -- downgrade to gcc8"neeshy
This reverts commit 038c4766e55f026db6970245536e54d7da5f6084.
2019-11-07basilisk: bump versionneeshy
2019-09-14basilisk: update to latest versionneeshy
2019-09-07basilisk: update to latest versionneeshy
2019-09-07basilisk: remove unused patchneeshy
2019-08-20basilisk: temporary fix for crashes -- build against bundled librariesneeshy
2019-08-16basilisk: temporary fix for build failures -- downgrade to gcc8neeshy
2019-08-16basilisk: fix bug related to mozhome/ver variableneeshy
Bug introduced in commit 37b7bbdc8e16c966faf7b2ff31a3dfd9ab97aca9
2019-06-21basilisk: add patch for build failuresneeshy
2019-06-21Changes to the basilisk PKGBUILDneeshy
Remove duplicate sqlite dependency Remove optional libnotify dependency (requires dbus) Add patch for building without sync support Explicitly remove support for servo, webextensions, etc. Disable gconf and gio Re-arrange build options based on categories Remove basilisk.desktop and instead generate it based on palemoon.desktop Add comments during package stage
2019-06-15Bump basilisk versionneeshy
2019-05-15Style changes -- now compliant with PKGBUILD.protoneeshy
2019-05-11basilisk: disable startup-notificationneeshy
2019-04-28Out with the oldneeshy
2018-04-16fixYour Name
2018-04-010401Your Name
2018-03-25testingYour Name
2018-03-25testingYour Name
2018-01-08update and fast buildYour Name
2017-12-312018Your Name