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13 daysbash_unit version bumpn0vember
2021-04-09update versionn0vember
2018-08-20update to version 1.6.1Frédéric Ruffet
Also, package is now based on release artifact rather than on tag. This prevents cloning the whole repository.
2017-09-01version 1.6n0vember
2017-07-13bash_unit upgrade to 1.5.0n0vember
2017-06-30version 1.3.1 including man pagen0vember
2017-06-04upgrading to bash_unit 1.3.0n0vember
2017-02-02And of course, I did forget the SRCINFO filen0vember
2017-02-02switching from 1.0.2 version to 1.2.0n0vember
2016-09-27ADD: 1.0.2 versionn0vember
2016-09-20ADD: Fix on a versionn0vember-
2016-09-16ADD: initial AUR versionn0vember-