AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-23update to version 1.5.9Christian Eide
2021-02-06update to 1.5.7Christian Eide
2021-01-081.5.6Christian Eide
2021-01-08update to 1.5.5Christian Eide
2021-01-04updated to 1.5.4Christian Eide
2021-01-04Updated to 1.5.3Christian Eide
2021-01-03Updated to 1.5.2Christian Eide
2021-01-031.5.1-2Christian Eide
2021-01-02Updated to 1.5.1Christian Eide
2020-12-31updated .SRCINFOChristian Eide
2020-12-31.SRCINFOChristian Eide
2020-12-31Updated to 1.5.0 and simplified icons and desktop filesChristian Eide
2020-07-08Generate new .SCRINFORuben Solvang
2020-07-01Fix path to extracted pngRuben Solvang
2020-07-01Add fix to convert ico to pngRuben Solvang
2020-07-01Fix .desktop entryRuben Solvang
2020-06-30Remove unnecessary linesRuben Solvang
2020-06-30First commitRuben Solvang