AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-19fix syntax: Put bash variables in double quotes to enable variable resolutionJohannes Heinz
2019-07-19fix test: add patch for test_composed_message.ccJohannes Heinz
2019-07-19fix test: add w3m as test dependencyJohannes Heinz
2019-07-19fix: forgot the version bummp in SRCINFOJohannes Heinz
2019-07-19Update to v0.15, move from gmime to gmime3Johannes Heinz
2018-09-30v0.14Gaute Hope
2018-07-20bump to 0.13Gaute Hope
2018-07-13v0.12Gaute Hope
2018-02-20bump to v0.11.1Gaute Hope
2018-02-20add ninja as makedependsGaute Hope
2018-02-07output testGaute Hope
2018-02-06bump pkgrelGaute Hope
2018-02-06use /usr install rootGaute Hope
2018-02-04release v0.11Gaute Hope
2017-10-17meson fails for some localesGaute Hope
2017-10-12use mesonGaute Hope
2017-10-11v0.10.2gGaute Hope
2017-09-24bump to v0.10.1Gaute Hope
2017-09-21and srcinfoGaute Hope
2017-09-21bump to v0.10Gaute Hope
2017-04-30bump to v0.9.1Gaute Hope
2017-04-30remove -j 8Gaute Hope
2017-04-28bump to v0.9 and use -j 8Gaute Hope
2017-03-17v0.8Gaute Hope
2017-03-02icon: install new iconGaute Hope
2017-02-28add vte3 optdependGaute Hope
2017-01-02release v0.7Gaute Hope
2016-08-01+ python-gobject makedepsGaute Hope
2016-07-24v0.6.r3Gaute Hope
2016-07-23astroidmailGaute Hope
2016-07-10+ gobject-introspectionGaute Hope
2016-07-08add libpeas depGaute Hope
2016-05-11make gvim optdepend, also add emacs as optdependGaute Hope
2016-03-15src: v0.5Gaute Hope
2016-03-15v0.5Gaute Hope
2016-01-15bump to r205Gaute Hope
2016-01-15add libsass dependencyGaute Hope
2015-09-20initGaute Hope