AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-10-11add texlive-core as makedephaawda
2019-07-28fix licensehaawda
2019-06-10fix pkgverhaawda
2019-03-18fix ugly pkgver functionhaawda
2019-03-06minor change in pkgver functionhaawda
2018-12-31changed repair part a bithaawda
2018-11-11avoid variable _gitnamehaawda
2018-08-21initial reuploadhaawda
2017-07-17Updated version (r1182.d7d3aaf -> r1184.ef8c4ec).haawda
Changelog ========= fixed: avoid crash while epoll-wait is timeout (ef8c4ec) update mmap to have more features (098090a)
2017-07-01Updated version (r1179.a09b4c9 -> r1182.d7d3aaf).haawda
Changelog ========= fixed bugs in utils.scm (d7d3aaf) fixed: wrong meta sources expending in templating (c8687d3) fixed exception throwing in (tpl lexer) (5aa8404)
2017-06-29Updated version (r1178.b47641a -> r1179.a09b4c9).haawda
Changelog ========= fixed exception throw in (tpl parser) (a09b4c9)
2017-06-28Updated version (r1175.be57654 -> r1178.b47641a).haawda
Changelog ========= fixed typo (b47641a) update ARCH badage (2209945) update README to show the latest release (3cb5289)
2017-06-27Updated version (r1174.3660f13 -> r1175.be57654).haawda
Changelog ========= do not display useless module file while throwing exception (be57654)
2017-06-23Updated version (r1171.e52615f -> r1174.3660f13).haawda
2017-06-13Updated version (r1170.b5dfa86 -> r1171.e52615f).haawda
2017-06-02Updated version (r1169.7dedd1e -> r1170.b5dfa86).haawda
2017-06-01remove now unneeded workaroundhaawda
2017-06-01Updated version (r1163.b820e08 -> r1168.a34f8c9).haawda
2017-05-31touch .git/COMMIT_EDITMSGhaawda
2017-05-25Updated version (r1154.977f43d -> r1156.d46a474).haawda
2017-05-24Updated version (r1149.92d726a -> r1154.977f43d).haawda
2017-05-22Updated version (r1148.7474aae -> r1149.92d726a).haawda
2017-05-19Updated version (r1143.0878fa8 -> r1148.7474aae).haawda
2017-05-19Updated version (r1140.846958c -> r1143.0878fa8).haawda
2017-05-18Updated version (r1139.a452ec2 -> r1140.846958c).haawda
2017-05-17Updated version (r1134.4548697 -> r1139.a452ec2).haawda
2017-05-17Updated version (r1129.f39ecf0 -> r1134.4548697).haawda
2017-05-16Updated version (r1124.c61f4e1 -> r1129.f39ecf0).haawda
2017-05-13major changeshaawda
2016-10-23stick to commit c616685a8df3c9dad32289aea14ad78c3f788de7Stefan Husmann
2016-06-09remove install fileStefan Husmann
2016-05-04Updated version (r857.746d5a6 -> r862.c616685).AUR Update Bot
Changelog ========= added misc files (c616685) add m4 directory (bc546a3) tweaked 'art work' command for lib loading (57b99db) added lib drawing (0f6e32b) added command syntax in tpl (97b1be7)
2016-05-03Updated version (r856.253e6d9 -> r857.746d5a6).AUR Update Bot
Changelog ========= make-string-template shouldn't throw error when no value. (746d5a6)
2016-04-15Updated version (r854.d9ebb8f -> r856.253e6d9).AUR Update Bot
Changelog ========= Merge pull request #64 from HtwoO/master (253e6d9) Change file permission of which is istalled in /etc from 755 to 644 (ede2a53)
2016-03-02Updated version (r847.a9f0512 -> r854.d9ebb8f).AUR Update Bot
Changelog ========= optimized route parsing with precompiled irregex string (d9ebb8f) fixed wrong optimizing calling of irregex in utils (c8109d7) fixed wrong optimizing calling of irregex in json (3306585) fixed wrong optimizing calling of irregex in MVC/model (e0a55b4) fixed wrong optimizing calling of irregex in debug (d625d28) fixed wrong optimizing calling of irregex in CMD/migrate (5efb4b1) don't use monitor in minimal mode (07c0181)
2016-02-10Updated version (r833.d4df542 -> r847.a9f0512).AUR Update Bot
Changelog ========= prepare for 0.1.2 (a9f0512) updated manual (74ebd0a) updated NEWS (2cea2e8) fixed comments in tpl.scm (34aa497) updated year in .HEAD (ed55d14) updated TODO (eafc329) added tpl caching (a53ca6d) update MVC/controller to support tpl caching (cf6827e) updated years in page.scm (0ce04b8) slitly tweaked create.scm (cbe2dff) use true/false to replace enable/disable for boolean (6ce1a0a) rename page-show to syspage-show (4d34686) slitly tweaked session.scm (ad1e585) added DEBUG function (4cf60ca)
2016-02-06add EOL to install fileStefan Husmann
2016-02-06updateStefan Husmann
2016-02-06updateStefan Husmann
2016-02-05updateStefan Husmann
2016-02-05updateStefan Husmann
2016-02-04updateStefan Husmann
2016-02-04remove variable set for debuggingStefan Husmann
2016-02-03update,Stefan Husmann
2016-02-03revert last commitStefan Husmann
2016-02-03updateStefan Husmann
2016-02-03upstreamStefan Husmann
2016-01-19Updated version (r817.e457e43 -> r818.ba45b2d).AUR Update Bot
Changelog ========= updated THANKS (ba45b2d)
2016-01-18Updated version (r815.3fe254a -> r817.e457e43).AUR Update Bot
Changelog ========= Merge pull request #60 from pksadiq/master (e457e43) view: Fix HTML comment (3154444)