AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
14 daysupdate to 1.8.4René Wagner
2021-03-29update 1.8.3René Wagner
2021-02-24add optdep perl-image-exiftoolRené Wagner
2021-02-23update to 1.8.2René Wagner
2021-02-11update to 1.8.1René Wagner
2021-02-04fix version 1.8René Wagner
2021-02-03update to 1.8.0René Wagner
2020-12-25update to 1.7.1René Wagner
2020-12-23update to 1.7René Wagner
2020-12-05update to 1.6.1René Wagner
2020-11-19update to 1.6René Wagner
2020-10-03update to 1.5.4René Wagner
2020-09-16update to 1.5.3René Wagner
2020-09-13update to 1.5.2René Wagner
2020-09-13remove gperftools depRené Wagner
2020-09-12update to 1.5.1René Wagner
2020-08-21remove obsolete fileRené Wagner
2020-08-21update to 1.5René Wagner
2020-07-01update to 1.4.1René Wagner
2020-06-08update to 1.4René Wagner
2020-05-27reenable usage of tcmallocRené Wagner
2020-05-23remove tcmalloc, add cmakelists.patch for gcc 10.1René Wagner
2020-05-23Merge branch 'master' of ssh://é Wagner
2020-05-23add cmakelists.patchRené Wagner
2020-05-02update to 1.3René Wagner
2020-04-12use tcmalloc if avaibleRené Wagner
2020-03-15update to 1.2René Wagner
2020-02-18update to 1.1René Wagner
add missing builddep 'pkgconf'
2020-02-15add missing 'fakeroot' make dependencyRené Wagner
2020-02-15updated .SRCINFORené Wagner
2020-02-15create PKGBUILD for art-rawconverterRené Wagner