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2021-05-29.SRCINFO update to 2.33-3Vyacheslav Razykov
2021-05-29Update to 2.33-3Vyacheslav Razykov
2021-04-09Update to 2.33-2Vyacheslav Razykov
2021-04-04Update to 2.33-1Vyacheslav Razykov
2021-01-25Update to 2.32-1Vyacheslav Razykov
2020-05-18Fix debug buildTavian Barnes
2020-05-15Disable systemtap when building headersTavian Barnes
2020-05-15Bump to 2.31-3Tavian Barnes
2020-01-12Add python as a makedependTavian Barnes
2020-01-10Drop the version requirement on the gcc dependencyTavian Barnes
Should fix
2020-01-09Bump to 2.30-3Tavian Barnes
2019-07-04Bump to 2.29-3Tavian Barnes
2019-02-02Bump to 2.28-5Tavian Barnes
2018-05-11Bump to 2.27-3Tavian Barnes
2017-09-23Bump to 2.26-4Tavian Barnes
2017-08-14Bump to 2.25-7Tavian Barnes
2017-07-09Bump to 2.25-5Tavian Barnes
2017-04-06Bump to 2.25-1Tavian Barnes
2017-02-02Bump to 2.24-2Tavian Barnes
2016-07-21Bump to 2.23-5Tavian Barnes
2016-05-16Bump to 2.23-4Tavian Barnes
2016-02-29Bump to 2.23-1.Tavian Barnes
2015-09-14Import from Barnes