AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-19Sync with community release packageChristopher Arndt
2020-05-28Bump version so pacman doesn't think RC1 is newer anymoreChristopher Arndt
2020-04-29Patch ardour start script to prevent hang due to user GTK2 RC fileChristopher Arndt
2020-04-24Adapt to upstream changes and update dependenciesChristopher Arndt
2020-01-12added alsa-lib dependencyGimmeapill
2019-12-14dependencies fixGimmeapill
2019-10-06added python2 dependencyGimmeapill
2018-09-14moved python from build to runtime dependency following namcap reportGimmeapill
2018-02-13removed cwiid dependency, updated .desktop fileGimmeapill
2017-09-20fixed typo in the configure optionsGimmeapill
2017-01-29pkgbuild cleanupGimmeapill
2016-11-05dependencies updated to fix a few namcap warningsGimmeapill
2016-11-04still messing around with deps. currently using the same build flags as the o...Gimmeapill
2016-10-26Had to revert to using bundled libs, as there is no pkg in AUR for a newly in...Gimmeapill
2016-10-26updated dependencies and build flags for Ardour 5Gimmeapill
2016-02-05Updated pkgbuildEvan Penner
2015-07-06Initial importBoohbah