AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-11Bumps to v4.8.1Samuel FORESTIER
2020-09-26Bumps to v4.8.0Samuel FORESTIER
2020-05-20Bumps to v4.7.2Samuel FORESTIER
2020-04-24Bumps to v4.7.1Samuel FORESTIER
2020-04-14Fixes `procps-ng` dependency name and adds >=3.4 restriction for PythonSamuel FORESTIER
2020-03-29Fixes broken `archey4` symlink when upgrading from v4.6.0Samuel FORESTIER
2020-03-27Fixes `lm_sensors` dependency nameSamuel FORESTIER
2020-03-27Publishes a (really) needed .gitignore template for Arch Linux packagesSamuel FORESTIER
2020-03-27Reworks packaging for (and bumps to) v4.7.0Samuel FORESTIER
2018-08-25Bumps to v4.6.0 and improves packages meta-data and dependenciesSamuel FORESTIER
2018-07-24Bumps to v4.5.0Samuel FORESTIER
2018-05-30Bumps to v4.4.1Samuel FORESTIER
2018-02-19Bumps version to v4.4.0 and make Pacman backup `config.json`Samuel FORESTIER
2018-02-02Bumps to v4.3.3 (+ improves dependencies)Samuel FORESTIER
2018-01-30Update to version 4.3.2Samuel FORESTIER
2017-12-27Update to version 4.3.1Samuel FORESTIER
2017-12-10Update to version 4.3.0Samuel FORESTIER
2017-11-28Fixes README not added to documentationSamuel FORESTIER
2017-11-27We should be OK now (sorry, first time...)Samuel FORESTIER
2017-11-27Fixes omitted useless ','Samuel FORESTIER
2017-11-27Adds what is necessary for v4.2.2 first packageSamuel FORESTIER