AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-02unsplit everythingAlexandre Bouvier
2018-12-01fix for aur helpersAlexandre Bouvier
2017-09-14remove kns prefix in yakuake themes as done upstreamMarcus Behrendt
2017-09-13fix .SRCINFOAlexandre Bouvier
2017-09-13bump versionAlexandre Bouvier
2017-09-12split wallpapers into his own packageAlexandre Bouvier
2017-09-12fix conflicts with arc-kde in [community]Alexandre Bouvier
2017-09-12transform into a split packageAlexandre Bouvier
2017-09-10adapt to repo changes (telegram theme has been removed) and don't depend on g...Marcus Behrendt
2017-08-16update install file in order to delete bot Arc-Dark and Arc-Color cacheMarcus Behrendt
2017-08-08attempt to fox pkgver()Marcus Behrendt
2017-08-07add conflicts and provides and change pkgver schemaMarcus Behrendt
2017-08-04updpkgverMarcus Behrendt
2017-08-04updpkrel: change to another kvantum package and remove qt4-style-kvantum-svnMarcus Behrendt
2017-06-22add extra stuff from arc-kdeMarcus Behrendt
2017-03-08clean up PKGBUILDMarcus Behrendt
2017-01-15updpkgverMarcus Behrendt
2016-12-04fix typoMarcus Behrendt
2016-12-02some minor PKGBUILD correctionsMarcus Behrendt
2016-12-02fix typoMarcus Behrendt
2016-12-02just use a single packageMarcus Behrendt
2016-12-01change namesMarcus Behrendt
2016-12-01initial commitMarcus Behrendt