AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-28Update to 3.6.3Mike Williamson
2020-03-13Bump to version 3.6.2Mike Williamson
2020-02-02Update to 3.6.1Mike Williamson
2019-12-15Update to 3.5.3 and do some house cleaningMike Williamson
2019-12-15Add makefile for cleaning things upMike Williamson
2019-12-15Keep src, pkg and .asc files out of gitMike Williamson
2019-11-21Drop gcc7Mike Williamson
2019-11-13Update to 3.5.2Mike Williamson
2019-08-26Update to version 3.5!Mike Williamson
2019-07-17Bump to 3.4.7Mike Williamson
2019-05-18Update to 3.4.5Mike Williamson
2019-03-21Update to 3.4.4Mike Williamson
2019-03-02Update to version 3.4.3Mike Williamson
2019-01-27Update to 3.4.2Mike Williamson
2018-12-18Update to 3.4!Mike Williamson
2018-10-24Bump to version 3.3.19Mike Williamson
2018-10-23Bump to 3.3.17Mike Williamson
2018-10-23Clean up package a bit.Mike Williamson
2018-08-27Bump to v 3.3.14Mike Williamson
2018-07-22Update to 3.3.11Mike Williamson
2018-05-07Update to 3.3.8Mike Williamson
2018-04-26Bump to v 3.3.7Mike Williamson
2018-04-04Update to 3.3.5Mike Williamson
2018-02-10Update to version 3.3.3Mike Williamson
2018-01-04Update to version 3.3.1Mike Williamson
2017-12-22Bump to version 3.3.0Mike Williamson
2017-12-12Bump to version 3.2.9Mike Williamson
2017-11-15Update to 3.2.7Mike Williamson
2017-09-28Update to 3.2.4Mike Williamson
2017-09-14Update srcinfo to 3.2.3 as well.Mike Williamson
2017-09-14Update to 3.2.3Mike Williamson
2017-09-14Dial down compiler optimizations from 03 to 02Mike Williamson
2017-09-14Switch to Clang for compiling.Mike Williamson
2017-08-31Update to 3.2.2Mike Williamson
2017-08-11Update to 3.2.1Mike Williamson
2017-08-11Make quotes consistentMike Williamson
2017-08-11Add linux-api-headers to make depsMike Williamson
2017-07-21Bump version to 3.2.0Mike Williamson
2017-07-21Add gcc5 as a make depMike Williamson
2017-05-30Update to 3.1.21Mike Williamson
2017-05-02Fix folder creation and permissionsMike Williamson
2017-05-02Update to 3.1.19Mike Williamson
2017-04-26Update to 3.1.18Mike Williamson
2017-04-06Bump to version 3.1.17Mike Williamson
2017-04-05Fix permissions issuesMike Williamson
2017-03-28Update to 3.1.16Mike Williamson
2017-03-28Clean up package dependenciesMike Williamson
2017-03-27Add logrotate configMike Williamson
2017-03-27Let systemd do the supervisingMike Williamson
2017-03-27Update to 3.1.15Mike Williamson