AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-01aocc 2.2.0Darjan Krijan
2020-02-04Added guard for missing MODULESHOME environment variableDarjan Krijan
2019-11-27aocc 2.1.0Darjan Krijan
2019-10-27Removed aocc symlink as some configure environments are unable to determine t...Darjan Krijan
2019-10-21Added setting OMPI_CC/CXX/FC environment variables to modulefile for use with...Darjan Krijan
2019-10-21Removed amdlibm from aocc, modulefile updatedDarjan Krijan
2019-10-022.0.0-3Darjan Krijan
2019-10-02Added ncurses5-compat-libs as dependency for, adapted modulefileDarjan Krijan
2019-09-11FormattingDarjan Krijan
2019-09-11modulefile: tab indentation for ModulesHelpDarjan Krijan
2019-09-11modulefile: replaced tabs between keywords with spaces for a consistent forma...Darjan Krijan
2019-09-11Fix broken symlink for aocc moduleDarjan Krijan
2019-09-11Switched to env-modules for a more convenient environment setupDarjan Krijan
2019-08-09Changed file:// to local:// for aocc archiveDarjan Krijan
2019-08-08Update to 2.0.0Darjan Krijan
2019-07-13Initial commitDarjan Krijan