AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-17Upgrade anycable-go to 1.0.5Andrey Novikov
2021-03-04Upgrade anycable-go to 1.0.4Andrey Novikov
2021-01-11Upgrade anycable-go to 1.0.3Andrey Novikov
2020-09-14Upgrade anycable-go to 1.0.2Andrey Novikov
2020-09-14Add builder Dockerfile for cases when no Arch machine is availableAndrey Novikov
2020-07-08Upgrade anycable-go to 1.0.1Andrey Novikov
2020-06-25Upgrade anycable-go to 1.0.0Andrey Novikov
2020-03-29Upgrade anycable-go to 0.6.5Andrey Novikov
2019-09-17Upgrade anycable-go to 0.6.4Andrey Novikov
2019-08-25Upgrade anycable-go to 0.6.3, change build instructions (remove dep)Andrey Novikov
2019-03-25Add README with upgrade instructions for AUR newbies like meAndrey Novikov
2019-03-25anycable-go 0.6.2Andrey Novikov
2019-01-09anycable-go 0.6.1Andrey Novikov