AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-01-08Update to 3.2.3Genesis
2020-12-16Update to 3.2.2Genesis
2020-12-15Update to 3.2.1Genesis
2020-12-15Update to 3.2.0Genesis
2020-12-11Update to 3.1.4Genesis
2020-12-01Update to 3.1.2Genesis
2020-11-27Update to 3.1.1Genesis
2020-11-17Update to 3.1.0Genesis
2020-11-03Update to 3.0.6Genesis
2020-09-10Update to 3.0.4Genesis
2020-08-17Update for 3.0.1Genesis
2020-08-05Update to 3.0.0Genesis
2020-08-03Updated checksums (they changed without any version bumping)Genesis
2020-07-21Update to 2.13.1Genesis
2020-06-17Update to 2.13.0Genesis
2020-04-17Update to 2.12.12Genesis
2020-04-03Update to 2.12.10Genesis
2020-04-01Update to 2.12.9Genesis
2020-03-25Add missing dependency fuse to run AppImageGenesis
2020-03-25Update to 2.12.8Genesis
2020-02-26Update to 2.11.12Genesis
2020-02-06Update to 2.11.11Genesis
2020-01-24Update to 2.11.7Genesis
2019-12-17Update to 2.11.5Genesis
2019-12-15Update to 2.11.4Genesis
Update download sources
2019-12-11Update .SRCINFO (oops !)Genesis
2019-12-11Fix launcher auto-updaterGenesis
- Changed installation directory from /opt/appimages to /opt/ankama-launcher - Added post-install and post-upgrade instructions to add current user to the "games" group in order to make the launcher auto-updater work - Added post-remove instructions to help clean out all the leftover files after removing the package
2019-12-08Update to 2.10.31Genesis
2019-11-05Improve PKGBUILDGenesis
- Remove .desktop file patch and replace it with searches and replaces using `sed` - Add a bash script in /usr/bin to run the AppImage from the terminal - The .desktop file now calls the bash script to run the AppImage
2019-11-05Update to 2.10.24Genesis
2019-10-29Update to 2.10.21Genesis
2019-10-18Update to 2.10.20Genesis
2019-10-15Update to 2.10.17Genesis
2019-10-11Update to 2.10.16Genesis
2019-10-11Update to 2.10.15Genesis
2019-10-07Update to 2.10.13Genesis
2019-09-27Update to 2.10.12Genesis
2019-09-24Update to 2.10.5Genesis
2019-09-18Update to 2.10.0Genesis
Update .desktop patch file.
2019-08-10Update to 2.9.25Johann Lejeune
2019-07-29Update to 2.9.20Johann Lejeune
2019-07-23Update to 2.9.17Johann Lejeune
2019-06-08Update source file namesGenesis
This is done in order to force re-download of source files when updating. Until now, the source file name wasn't versioned, and thus it wasn't downloaded again upon updating, causing an error when checking for MD5 sums. The file names are now containing the the package version.
2019-06-08Update to 2.9.12Genesis
2019-05-27Update to 2.9.6Genesis
2019-04-11Update to 2.9.2Genesis
2019-03-20Update to 2.9.1Genesis
2019-03-13Update to 2.8.26Genesis
2019-03-04Update to 2.8.24Genesis
2019-02-22Update to 2.8.22Genesis