AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysUpdate to Bruck
2020-04-18Update to Bruck
2020-04-02Update to Broich
2020-03-14Upgrade to Bruck
2020-02-25Update to version 3.6Kordian Bruck
2019-12-11Update to and add license to packageKordian Bruck
2019-11-11Upgrade to Bruck
2019-10-11Update to Bruck
2019-08-22Update PKGBUILD with new release versionKordian Bruck
2019-08-22Account for removed gradle directory during installation.Kordian Bruck
2019-08-22Update to Bruck
2019-07-15Update to Bruck
2019-05-20Update to Bruck
2019-04-20Include additional files for plugins to workKordian Bruck
2019-04-18Upgrade to 3.4.0Kordian Bruck
2019-03- Bruck
2019-02- Bruck
2019-01-14Update to Bruck
2018-10-11Update to Bruck
2018-09-24Update to v3.2.0.26Kordian Bruck
2018-08-09Update SRCINFO to latest versionKordian Bruck
2018-08-08Update to 3.1.4Kordian Bruck
2018-06-10Android Studio 3.1.3Philippe Hürlimann
2018-04-25updated Maintainer infoPhilippe Hürlimann
2018-04-23Android Studio 3.1.2Philippe Hürlimann
2018-04-13Update the .SRCINFO to mach the PKGBUILD file.Philippe Hürlimann
2018-04- Hürlimann
2018-03-293.1Tad Fisher
2017-11-20update to 3.0.1Daniele Formichelli
2017-10-25update to Formichelli
2017-06-082.3.3Tad Fisher
2017-05-15udpate to 2.3.2Daniele Formichelli
2017-04-052.3.1Tad Fisher
2017-03-022.3Tad Fisher
2016-12-102.2.3Tad Fisher
2016-10-252.2.2Tad Fisher
2016-10-092.2.1; rewrite to match -beta and -canary packagesTad Fisher
2016-09-22update to 2.2Daniele Formichelli
2016-08-22update to 2.1.3Daniele Formichelli
2016-06-07update to 2.1.2Daniele Formichelli
2016-05-11update to 2.1.1Daniele Formichelli
2016-04-27android-studio 2.1Daniele Formichelli
2016-04-07missing srcinfoDaniele Formichelli
2016-04-07version 2.0Daniele Formichelli
2015-12-08update to 1.5.1Daniele Formichelli
2015-11-19update to 1.5Daniele Formichelli
2015-10-30update to 1.4.1Daniele Formichelli
2015-10-06updated checksum for .desktop fileDaniele Formichelli
2015-10-05StartupWMClass fixed in .desktop fileDaniele Formichelli
2015-10-02updated to 1.4Daniele Formichelli