AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-16Update to r53Christoph Bayer
2017-05-24Update to r51Christoph Bayer
2017-04-28Remove extra spaceChristoph Bayer
2017-04-28Update to r46, but same version as r45Christoph Bayer
2017-03-29Update to r45Christoph Bayer
2017-03-01Update to r44Christoph Bayer
2017-01-25Update to r42Christoph Bayer
2016-12-28Update to r41Christoph Bayer
2016-12-02Update to r40Christoph Bayer
2016-10-31Update to r38Christoph Bayer
2016-10-01Update to r36Christoph Bayer
2016-09-24Update to r35Christoph Bayer
2016-09-23Update to r34Christoph Bayer
2016-08-17Merge branch 'master' of ssh://aur/android-google-repositoryChristoph Bayer
2016-08-17Update to r32Christoph Bayer
2016-08-04Update to r29Christoph Bayer
2016-06-08Update to r28Christoph Bayer
2016-06-03Update to r27Christoph Bayer
2016-05-21Update to r26Christoph Bayer
2016-04-03Update to r25Christoph Bayer
2015-12-19Update to r24Christoph Bayer
2015-12-11Fix hashChristoph Bayer
2015-12-11Update to r23Christoph Bayer
2015-10-25Update to r22Christoph Bayer
2015-08-29Add missing SRCINFOChristoph Bayer
2015-08-29Add missing source.propertiesChristoph Bayer
2015-08-26Update to r21Christoph Bayer
2015-08-19Update to r20Christoph Bayer
2015-06-21Initial importChristoph Bayer