AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-20Updated srcinfoMiika Launiainen
2020-12-20Fixed pkgbuildMiika Launiainen
2020-10-07remove sha256sum on non-executable sourcesVresod
whats the worst that can happen, your license that can be viewed online is invalid?
2020-10-07update .SRCINFOVresod
2020-10-07add licenseVresod
thanks caltgin
2020-10-07supports all architecturesVresod
probably. havent tested it.
2020-10-07update .SRCINFOVresod
2020-10-07update pkgrelVresod
2020-10-07format betterVresod
2020-10-07use tabs and conform better to java packaging guidelinesVresod
2020-10-07initial commitVresod