AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-12add fltk dependencyVi0L0
2018-11-12update to 2.6.302Vi0L0
2018-11-12remove upx option 2Vi0L0
2018-11-12remove upx optionVi0L0
2018-01-21update to 2.5-25Vi0L0
2017-08-20update to 2.4-60Vi0L0
2017-07-03updated to 17.1.4Vi0L0
2017-03-272.2.511-2: modified options, added deps and optdeps as suggested by npfeilerVi0L0
2016-12-11update to 2.2 511, thanks npfeilerVi0L0
2016-06-01updated to 2.1Vi0L0
2016-05-10updated to 2.0Vi0L0
2015-12-23added xorg-xhost dependency :)Vi0L0
2015-12-23updated to 1.9-10132Vi0L0
2015-10-04kinda downgrade: mv libpng libpng12Vi0L0
2015-08-22Updated to 1.8-9654Vi0L0
2015-06-08Initial importVi0L0