AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 hoursRemove desktop file, use bundled scripts instead to generate itXenhat Hex
44 hoursSome curly boys tried to escape. I caught them.Xenhat Hex
44 hoursHopefully fix the shortcut for real this timeXenhat Hex
45 hoursoopsXenhat Hex
45 hoursRemove more conflicting stuffXenhat Hex
45 hoursTry to fix conflicts againXenhat Hex
47 hourscleanup "empty" lineXenhat Hex
48 hoursFix shortcut mess (thanks DarlCat for reporting!)Xenhat Hex
2 daysupdate maintainersXenhat Hex
2 daysRemove 'the' from the descriptionXenhat Hex
2 daysUpdate description, add more providesXenhat Hex
4 daysbump release, I forgotXenhat Hex
8 daysRemove channel from shortcut to "fix" dupe shortcutsXenhat Hex
2021-12-31bump version to Project AgileAkita Hex
2021-12-31remove more hard-coded parameters to simplify version bumpXenhat Hex
2021-12-29update package to Hex
2021-12-14add ChangelogXenhat Hex
2021-12-14bump version to fix everyone's packageXenhat Hex
2021-12-14update srcinfoXenhat Hex
2021-12-14Disable strip for this package as it breaks libraries6Xenhat Hex
2021-12-13tentative fix for broken unpackingXenhat Hex
2021-12-13Automated version bump to Hex
2021-12-13Change /usr/share to /usr/local/share as used by the viewerXenhat Hex
2021-12-13push fixed packaging scriptXenhat Hex
2021-12-13Fix bad packagingXenhat Hex
2021-12-13Automated version bump to Hex
2021-12-05no-op strip command to save time as package is already strippedXenhat Hex
2021-12-05update srcinfoXenhat Hex
2021-12-05Update package to AgileAkita Hex
2021-11-09fix package name and update checksumsXenhat Hex
2021-11-08bump to new project build w/ provision urlXenhat Hex
2021-10-19Make binary and source builds not conflict w/ e/oXenhat Hex
2021-10-14tabs2spacesXenhat Hex
2021-10-14move checksums higher in PKGBUILD as suggestedXenhat Hex
2021-10-14clean up PKGBUILD fileXenhat Hex
2021-10-14Hello, World! We have CI builds!Xenhat Hex