AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-10-25Fix mv in prepare(), bump pkgrelNoel Kuntze
2019-10-21SKIP checksum for archive because github sometimes builds other zip archivesNoel Kuntze
2018-12-20Close contributer <>, add aarch64 to architecturesNoel Kuntze
2018-07-25Remove unnecessary call to systemd-tmpfilesNoel Kuntze
2018-07-24Update PKGBUILD to incorporate changes contributed by Stephan EisvogelNoel Kuntze
2018-06-30Bump to 0.0.67Noel Kuntze
2018-01-30Update to 0.0.63Noel Kuntze
2017-08-30Bump to 0.0.61Noel Kuntze
2017-02-22Update. SRCINFONoel Kuntze
2017-02-22Add missing dependencies, add custom licenseNoel Kuntze
2017-02-22Remove package name from descriptionNoel Kuntze
2017-02-21Bump to 0.0.59, add glibc to dependencies, add systemd timer, unit andNoel Kuntze
tmpfile for acmetool, keep go dependencies in srcdir to not clutter the system.
2016-08-26initial commitNoel Kuntze