AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-08-26update to 6.5.11Viste
2020-08-01gix ver in pkgbuildViste
2020-08-01update and move to gitViste
2020-05-01fix link to source package in src :/Viste
2020-05-01fix sha summ in srcinfoViste
2020-05-01update to 6.5.9Viste
2020-03-16update linksksklyarov
2020-03-15fix shasumm. first take it from wrong archive :/ksklyarov
2020-01-06update to 6.5.7ksklyarov
2018-05-30Update to version 6.4.8alrii1434
2017-12-20update version 6.4.6alrii
2017-10-25version 6.4.5alrii
2016-11-10Update to version 6.4.1jjpk
2015-12-10Update to version 6.3.3Benjamin Chrétien
2015-08-11Update URLBenjamin Chrétien
2015-08-09Update to version 6.3.2Benjamin Chrétien
2015-07-31Initial commitBenjamin Chrétien