AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-19update to 9.6Ron B
2019-11-09update to 9.5RONTheCookie
2019-06-16Add git makedepRONTheCookie
2019-06-10update to 8.8RONTheCookie
2019-06-02update to 8.6RONTheCookie
2019-06-02fix update scriptRONTheCookie
2019-05-30update to 8.5RONTheCookie
2019-05-26make script also update hashRONTheCookie
2019-05-26forgot to update hashRONTheCookie
2019-05-26update to 8.3RONTheCookie
2019-05-26update scriptRONTheCookie
2019-05-20Update srcinfo (forgot to do it last time)RONTheCookie
2019-05-17update to 8.1RONTheCookie
2019-04-27Fix the pkg sum because I forgot to in my last commit ):RONTheCookie
2019-04-17Switch to go from go-pieRONTheCookie
2019-03-24Update to 6.2RONTheCookie
2019-03-19Inital commitRONTheCookie