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2019-10-23Update deps (nsgif,luajit,vala,exiv,mrg) and provide.bartoszek
2019-10-01Travis: Update urlbartus
2019-10-01Travis: Update arch-travis keywordbartus
2019-08-28Merge ../gegl-qfix-gitbartus
2019-08-28Travis: use `babl-git` instead of `babl-qfix-git`bartus
qfix package is going to be removed from AUR soon.
2019-08-26Travis: fix meson #4522bartus
2019-08-26Travis: use redirection instead if pipe for 'ts'bartus
2019-08-20Travis: fix _makepkg_return code save routinebartus
2019-08-19Add Travis CI supportbartus