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2018-09-165.9.0-1: New PKGBUILD using upstream install.shTeteros
See discussion on Radium's issue tracker for details
2017-09-255.1.4-1: Bumped versionKenjiTakahashi
2017-08-074.9.14-1: Bumped versionKenjiTakahashi
2017-02-024.4.4-1: Bumped versionKenjiTakahashi
1. Adjusted faust patch for clang 3.9.1. 2. Adjusted vstsdk patch for upstream changes. 3. Using libxcb from [extra] to make sure we have all necessary patches. [Also makes libthread-stubs unneeded.] 4. Fixed X11_keyboard compilation flags.
2016-02-093.6.1-1: Bumped version, added .gitignoreKenjiTakahashi