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2021-01-27Update to 0.51.2.Viech
2018-12-09Update to 0.51.1.Viech
2017-10-10Download a new tag as the checksum of the GitHub archive has changed.Viech
2016-04-15Update to 0.50.0.Viech
2016-03-15Update to 0.49.0.Viech
2016-02-08Update to 0.48.0.Viech
2016-01-06Update to 0.47.0.Viech
2015-12-07Update to 0.46.0.Viech
2015-11-03Update to 0.45.0.Viech
2015-10-18Fix version and unpacking location of external dependency package.Viech
2015-10-05Update to 0.44.0.Viech
2015-09-08Update to 0.43.0.Viech
2015-08-03Update to 0.42.0.Viech
2015-07-16Fix outdated .SRCINFO.Viech
2015-06-29Initial import of 0.40.0-1.Viech