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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-30Update to 4.20.2Zerophase
2018-08-01Update to 4.20.1Zerophase
2018-07-22Fix absolute path in MakefileZerophase
2018-05-10Update to 4.19.2Zerophase
2018-04-08Add Clang 6.0 supportZerophase
2018-03-14Update to 4.19.0Dylan
2018-01-25Update to 4.18.3Dylan
2017-12-13update to 4.18.2acerix
2017-11-16Update to 4.18.1Zerophase
2017-10-27Fixes html5 buildZerophase
2017-10-25Fixes xlocale-crash.patch line endingsZerophase
2017-10-25update .SRCINFOZerophase
2017-10-24Update to 4.18.0Zerophase
2017-09-26Update to 4.17.2Zerophase
2017-09-18update to clang 5.0Zerophase
2017-09-11Fixes install directory nameZerophase
2017-09-02Update to 4.17.1, changes from Shaturacerix
2017-08-07Update to 4.17.0Zerophase
2017-08-04update to 4.16.3acerix
2017-07-25Add "-strip" option to save time by not stripping binariesacerix
2017-07-17fix patch directionacerix
2017-07-17also disable PIE in linkeracerix
2017-07-17disable PIE which is on by default in Clang now and breaks compilationacerix
2017-07-02Update to v4.16.2Zerophase
2017-06-02update to 4.16.1acerix
2017-05-24Update to 4.16.0Zerophase
2017-05-23Update to 4.15.3-1Zerophase
2017-05-08Updates Unreal 4.15.2 to support Clang 4.0Zerophase
2017-05-02update to 4.15.2acerix
2017-04-24Clang 4.0 is not supported until Unreal 4.16 which is not released yetacerix
2017-04-23update for clang 4.0acerix
2017-04-23allow building with clang 4.0acerix
2017-03-20update to 4.15.1acerix
2017-02-15disable git cleanacerix
2017-02-15remove obsolete typo patchacerix
2017-02-15update to 4.15acerix
2017-01-29add conflict with hardening-wrapper, reformatingacerix
2017-01-10Update to 4.14.3Zerophase
2017-01-04add make flag -j1 to fix firsttime compileacerix
2017-01-04update to 4.14.2, patch for "unused return value" errorsacerix
2016-12-11update to 4.14.1acerix
2016-11-17Fixes ProjectSettings Bugzerophase
2016-11-15Update to 4.14.0zerophase
2016-10-26update to 4.13.2acerix
2016-10-01remove patch for, fixed in 4.13.1acerix
2016-09-08turns out that some exe's are needed when buildingacerix