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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-12-02systemd-light 244-1Ranieri Althoff
- added toggle for hibernation
2019-11-19systemd-light 243.162-3Ranieri Althoff
- add toggles for possibly unwanted features
2019-11-19systemd-light 243.162-2Ranieri Althoff
- fixes packaging issues with alternative dependencies - fixes .SRCINFO
2019-11-07Fix clearlinux patch usageRanieri Althoff
2019-11-07Fix maintainer info and systemd-libs replacementRanieri Althoff
2019-11-06Add switches for enabling/disabling modulesRanieri Althoff
- Backlight control - Bootloader - Network manager - DNS resolver - NTP client - Security enhancements - Disk encryption - Clearlinux patches
2019-11-06Initial commitRanieri Althoff