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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-11-05Update to 238v0.6.1bKevin MacMartin
2017-09-08Update to 236v0.6.1bKevin MacMartin
2017-06-25Update to 232v0.6.0Kevin MacMartin
2017-03-30Update to 227v0.4.3cKevin MacMartin
2017-02-21Update to 221v0.4.3cKevin MacMartin
2016-11-30Update to 218v0.4.3cKevin MacMartin
2016-10-25Update to 214v0.4.2cKevin MacMartin
2016-10-03Update to 213v0.4.2cKevin MacMartin
2016-09-20Update to 212v0.4.2bKevin MacMartin
2016-08-14Update to 209v0.4.1aKevin MacMartin
2016-08-02Update to 206v0.4.1Kevin MacMartin
2016-06-24Update to 203v0.4.0Kevin MacMartin
2016-05-13Tweak the pkgver function so the latest upstream version is still pulled in ↵Kevin MacMartin
and update to 199v0.3.5a
2016-02-25Update to 192v0.3.3Kevin MacMartin
2015-12-30Update to 191v0.3.3Kevin MacMartin
2015-12-22Update to 190v0.3.3Kevin MacMartin
2015-11-10Update to 187v0.3.2Kevin MacMartin
2015-11-08Update to 185v0.3.2Kevin MacMartin
2015-09-18Update to 184v0.3.1dKevin MacMartin
2015-09-07Update to 179v0.3.1Kevin MacMartin
2015-09-01Update to 176v0.3.1Kevin MacMartin
2015-08-27Update to 174v0.3.1Kevin MacMartin
2015-08-26Update to 173v0.3.0eKevin MacMartin
2015-07-06Update SRCINFOKevin MacMartin
2015-06-10Initial import into AUR 4Kevin MacMartin