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2018-01-10setools3-libs: update sha256sumsNicolas Iooss
Github's git slighly changed the way the diff was computed. When a file changes from: something /** * ... to: something /** * a new comment */ /** * ... the diff used to be: something /** + * a new comment + */ + +/** * ... and now it is (the + changed): something +/** + * a new comment + */ + /** * ... Of course, this breaks the SHA256 sums, which needs to be updated.
2017-06-24setools3-libs: mark incompatibility with next libsepol releaseNicolas Iooss
libsepol changed its interface in 2.7-rc1 and setools3 will not be updated to this new version. Hardcode the incompatible libsepol version in PKGBUILD. Users are encouraged to migrate to setools (version 4).
2017-06-01setools3-libs: update sha256sumsNicolas Iooss
Github added a hexdigit to index lines in git patches. Fixes:
2016-09-25Create setools3-libs packageNicolas Iooss
policycoreutils<2.6 needs SETools 3 libraries which are no longer provided by SETools 4. This package provides libapol and libqpol and their Python bindings.