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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-01-18Make pv, lzop and mbuffer optional per @alaricljs request.Donald Webster
2016-12-19Remove leading / from backup.Donald Webster
2016-12-19Add /etc/sandoid/sanoid.conf as a protected configuration file.Donald Webster
2016-12-02Add lzop, pv and mbuffer as deps.Donald Webster
2016-08-30Update to v1.4.7Donald Webster
2016-07-16Add perl-config-inifiles dependency, another AUR package.Donald Webster
2016-07-11And update the package release to get .SRCINFO too.Donald Webster
2016-07-11Thanks to mmanjos, s/sandoid/sanoid.Donald Webster
2016-06-10Update to 1.4.6cDonald Webster
2016-05-25Update to 1.4.6Donald Webster
2016-05-06Bump to v1.4.4 and add new files from package.Donald Webster
2016-05-04Add perl dependency.Donald Webster
2016-05-04Initial package of sanoid.Donald Webster