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2016-01-20Update to version 1.9.3 (pkgrel 1)Benjamin Chrétien
2015-10-23Bump for boost updateBenjamin Chrétien
2015-10-16Update to version 1.9.2 (pkgrel 2)Benjamin Chrétien
2015-05-21indigo: desktop_full update.Benjamin Chrétien
2015-04-30indigo: pkgrel bump for Boost.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-11-15indigo: bump for opencv package change.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-11-10indigo: desktop_full update + Boost/OpenCV updates.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-09-08indigo: update to Boost 1.56.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-07-23indigo: desktop_full update.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-07-06Add some updates.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-06-07indigo: add perception.Benjamin Chrétien