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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-05-13new git URLBuildTools
2016-12-08cleaned up dependanciesJameson Pugh
2016-06-14switched to alexzk1 forkImNtReal
2016-02-26Improved PKGBUILD, thx LeonardKPiotr Rogoża
2016-01-21Fixed file format for codecid.patchPiotr Rogoża
Added desktop file and icon. Added missing libusb to depends. Reformat PKGBUILD.
2015-11-08Added a few patches:Piotr Rogoża
* codecid.patch - fix undeclared CodecID * qml.patch - fix path for qml directory * project.patch - fix target path
2015-09-27Initial commit; git versionPiotr Rogoża