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2020-05-09add syncthing as dependencyFelix Buehler
2019-06-25Fix permission of .desktopChih-Hsuan Yen
2019-06-05updateChih-Hsuan Yen
2019-05-01update to 0.5.8.r13.g3168f48Chih-Hsuan Yen
2019-01-29fix launcher icon pathChih-Hsuan Yen
2019-01-29Update .SRCINFOChih-Hsuan Yen
2018-02-08Add a Behar
2018-02-08Update `$pkgname` and descriptionDoron Behar
2017-08-31Update srcinfo; update maintainer infoAlexey Kharlamov
2016-12-27Mise à jour vers 0.5.7Saeroshi
2016-12-18Mise à jour vers 0.5.6MrSerenity
2016-09-17Mise à jour vers 0.5.2MrSerenity
2016-06-20Mise à jour vers 0.5.1r2MrSerenity
2016-05-27Update to 0.5.0xduugu
2016-05-18Update to 0.4.7xduugu
2016-05-16Update to 0.4.5xduugu
2016-04-27Remove install filexduugu
2016-03-23Update to 0.4.4xduugu
2016-02-26Add .desktop file to source arrayxduugu
2016-02-19Update to
2016-02-19Update to 0.4.3xduugu
2016-01-25Update to 0.4.2xduugu
2016-01-24Update to 0.4.2b2xduugu
2016-01-24Use cmake instead of qmakexduugu
2016-01-23Update to 0.4.2bxduugu
2016-01-13Update to 0.4.1xduugu
2016-01-10Update to 0.4xduugu
2015-12-26Update to 0.3.0xduugu
2015-12-20Update to 0.2.7xduugu
2015-12-13Update to 0.2.6xduugu
2015-12-05Initial commitxduugu